2017 KBL Orange Yellowstone Tournament Recap

2017 KBL Orange Yellowstone Tournament Recap by Josh Smith

Had my first kayak bass fishing tournaments this month. The first one sucked for me due to my lack of top water fishing. The second tourney was at Yellowstone lake. No need to pre-fish because I’ve fished it once before. Game plan was to hit the dam and the rock walls. We launched and everybody went south to the dam. Game plan had to change. I can’t fish behind people and I cant follow the pack so I went north knowing they just had a good rain and some muddy water should be flowing from the feeder creek. No one followed. One guy went to the middle but never came past the point. After 15 minutes of paddling made it to a shallow muddy backwaters where herons were hanging out. Not a bite the first hour but found some wood and it was on. They held tight the the wood mostly on the trunks and bigger pieces. Even slayed walleyes in a foot of water. Never saw another kayak all day. Didn’t put the Texas rigged worm down all day once I found the fish. Had multiple ones come off that could have cost me 2nd but thankful I had my limit and got 3rd. I’m glad I went with my gut and my knowledge of feeder creeks in summertime and the importance of doing something different. Can’t wait till the next one and prove Yellowstone wasn’t a fluke.