Columbia Drainmakers III

Columbia Drainmakers review by Tony Lam

I have been kayaking for about 3 years now and I’ve gone through a couple of different water shoes and with the fishing/kayaking season starting in early spring and ending in late fall the water temp can vary quite a bit.  The Columbia Drainmakers 3 is one of the most comfortable water shoes on the market.  They are very well designed and very comfortable to use.  The shoes are almost like a gym shoe and offer protection to the top of the foot and reinforced toe area.  The top of the shoe is a mesh/fabric layer that allows water to enter the shoe but keeps sand and little rocks out.  Once water is in the shoe they drain very quickly and are probably dry within 10 minutes.  The bottom of the shoe has the drain holes and offer a soft cushion so you can wear these all day.  This shoe has a very soft fabric that allows me to wear different socks to accommodate for the weather.  I can wear NRS hydroskins and these shoes to help with the colder water.  

One thing I did add is I replaced the shoelaces with lock laces elastic shoelaces.  I never have to tie my shoes again and the elastic provides a good snug fit.  Perfect combo.