ForEverlast G2 Pro Net

Contibuted by Paul Gula:


As I was prepping for the KBF NC, research recommended crank bait as one of the hot lures to use.  Landing a fish caught with it was a safety concern based on my past hook through hand incident.  I came across the “ForEverLast G2 Pro Net” online.  It’s simple look and built in features caught my attention.  Features included:  A rubberized net so that the hooks don’t get embedded in it while landing a fish. A retractable bungee tether inside the handle to secure it on the kayak or yourself if you plan to wade.  The dimensions are 15″ wide, 19″ tall and 18″ deep to help cradle the fish as you prep it for measurement.  Lastly it floats.  I’m very happy of it’s performance.  I used it on all the fish caught on Kentucky lake with no issues.  I place it on the top of the front hatch of the kayak for easy accessibility.  No need to secure it as it’s weight keeps it place.  I’ve paddled through 20mph winds and not a budge.  In conclusion, this net has captured me and gave me more confidence in landing the fish.