Kayak Transportation with Thule Xporter Pro

Kayak Transportation with Thule Xporter Pro by Joe Palmer

This month I like to talk about how I transport my kayak. I’ve gone through several options I’ve had a trailer, carried it in my truck bed with a bed extender, but for me the most efficient way is to use my Thule Xporter Pro truck bed rack. This rack allows me to still use my truck bed to store gear which frees up room inside the truck for a spot to sleep on weekend trips. The Hobie ProAngler 14 is probably the heaviest kayak oon the market outside of the Native Watercraft Titan, but it’s a breeze loading and unloading it with the Thule Xporter Pro. There are notches on the uprights that allow for height adjustments in one inch increments to set the crossbars at whatever height you desire. For me I set the crossbar nearest the rear window at 28″ which gives out just enough clearance over my roof. I leave the rear crossbar as low as it’ll go for ease of loading. I put the nose of the kayak on the rear crossbar then slide it onto the front crossbar. Once that is done I made a PVC cradle to hold the kayak in place while I raise the rear crossbar into position. Once that is set I remove the cradle and the kayak rests on the rack. Two quick cinches of my NRS cam straps and I’m ready to roll. The process looks difficult but it is very simple and requires very little physical effort. The reason I went with this bed rack was because I only have 7′ garage doors at my house so this allows me to lower both crossbars so I can still for my truck in the garage. Also it allows me not to have 7′ of kayak hanging out of the bed of my truck which makes finding parking in a lot of places much easier. If you’re in the market for a truck bed rack and you want something easy and convenient to use check out the Thule Xporter Pro, it’s pricey but well worth the money in my opinion.