My Favorite Place to Fish: Minocqua, Wisconsin

My Favorite Place to Fish: Minocqua, Wisconsin

By: George Lobb

            As I answer the question of where I am going for the Fourth of July, I am amazed at how many people have either never been to Minocqua or even heard of the area.  Most of these asking the question are fishermen I might add.  I have been going to the “Northwoods” since I was born.  It’s where I learned to love to fish and the outdoors.  It was basically the only area I would wet a line until a couple years ago when the hobby turned into an obsession.  The Northwoods are made up of a lot of areas: Eagle River, Rhinelander, Boulder Junction, Manitowish Waters, Tomahawk, Minocqua, etc.  For me it really started when my parents bought a couple acres on a small lake in the “Musky Capital of the World” otherwise known as Boulder Junction.  We spent the next 10 years clearing out the land, waterskiing, fishing, camping, and enjoying the outdoors.  A couple years ago my parents bought a place in a retirement community on Lake Shishebogama in Minocqua and now live there full time.  This slower, outdoor driven lifestyle is now woven into the Lobb family DNA (as my wife is quickly finding out).  I thought I would share a few reasons as why you, the fisherman, should enjoy this area as well.

1)       Number of Lakes.  There are more lakes to fish than you could do in a lifetime.  3200+ to be accurate within an hour of Minocqua.  As a kayak fisherman you have the opportunity fish lakes that have never seen an artificial lure.  And unlike Northern Illinois, almost all of them are public!

2)      Diversity of lakes.  Whether you are looking for clear deep lake for smallies, or flipping cover for bucketmouths your options are endless.  There are large chains or flowages that you can spend days on, small lakes to hide from the wind, or pristine creeks and rivers to wade in.

3)      Diversity of fish.  This is the one place you can catch trophy size fish of any of America’s gamefish.  20+ in. bass, 50+ in. Muskies, 30+ in. walleyes are all over.  Not to mention some large crappies and other panfish.

4)      Wearing your fishing clothes is acceptable at any restaurant.  It’s actually frowned upon if you don’t.  Make sure try a local fish fry on Friday nights and wash it down with a cold Spotted Cow.  It’s on tap at every bar.  The more sketchy a place looks, the better the food.  

5)      It’s not just for fisherman.  This is a place you can bring your wife, kids, and anyone else who may or may not fish.  Stay at a cabin or at The Waters with its indoor water park.  The town is hopping with shops, restaurants, and festivals.  Pull your boat or pontoon up to the Thirsty Whale in town for dinner and cocktails and then stay for the free Minocqua Bats water show on Lake Minocqua.  It’s a staple for anyone going up there.