Pre-fishing by Joeseph Karolus


Tournament  anglers all over the nation spend lots of time on the water practicing their craft, but the one thing that we all do differently for a upcoming tournament is pre-fish. Pre-Fishing for a tournament is the idea of figuring out and understanding the water system and how certain variables affect the fish. Lots of guys like to pre-fish a tournament lake the day before to get an idea of what the fish pattern may be. I personally would rather fish the lake a week or two before my tournament and Mark major structure. Then i don’t fish it till the day of the tournament that way i have no preconceived notions of what the fish are doing I just fish the current conditions. Some guys will tell me I’m silly others will say I might have to try that. Honestly whatever works for your confidence I say do you. There’s no right or wrong way I feel you just have to fish.