RAM Mount Review

By Alan Wiedmeyer

RAM Mount products have been a part of every kayak that I have owned since I started back in 2012. From mounting depth finders and transducers, cell phone, fishing rods, paddles, Go Pro cameras and even my Torqeedo 403 motor controller…RAM Mounts have made smart mounting solutions that are easily integrated into any fishing platform.

Their claim to fame in the mounting world is their use of a ball and socket joint on many of their products. This simple yet effective joint allows any user to manipulate the product mounted in any angle or direction necessary. For example, this feature has been great for me personally as I am able to place electronics in more ergonomic positions and capture better camera angles when I am out on the water. When I am done fishing everything attached to my kayak with a RAM Mount can be easily removed or positioned out of the way for quick loading of my kayak into my truck. This is extremely important to me especially as a tournament angler!

Currently on my 2017 NuCanoe Pursuit I have a 1.5” RAM ball and 6 inch extension attached to my Humminbird Helix 7. The 6 inch extension has been great this year as it puts the depth finder at eye level and allows me to quickly reach the waypoint button to mark spots that I am fishing during a tournament. In addition to that I use a 1” ball mount and transducer arm to hang my transducer off the side of the kayak. I have tucked all of the wiring in my hull for my depth finder so the transducer arm never leaves my kayak. With the ball mount it allows me to easily manipulate the arm and rest it in my kayak to prevent it from bouncing around in my kayak during a long trip. I also use the 1” ball mounts to mount a Go Pro camera at the bow of my kayak and mount my Torqeedo 403 motor control on the gunnel of my kayak with a 3 inch extension.

After attending iCast this year, I am really excited to try out even more of their new product offerings on my kayak in 2018! They have a completely new track mounting system as well as hand rails with track integrated into them which can be installed on virtually any kayak. We are very fortunate as kayak anglers to have companies like RAM Mounts investing their time and money into developing products that will make our experience on the water more enjoyable and stress free. I know they have all worked for me and have made the difference in my success on the water.