RSNets Review by Patrick Tharp

A net can be a crucial part in a kayak fishing set up to some, while to others it can be a nuisance that gets in the way. To me a net is essential to my fish landing process. It allows to me easily get the fish in the boat without testing my line or hooks and possibly having a failure. I have tried many nets over the years and have never found one I truly liked until now. The RS Nets small jaw net is hands down the best net I have ever used. It is very high quality and built right here in the USA. The netting material is latex covered meaning it can easily shed hooks unlike mesh nets. Also the leaders hoop size and design is perfect for bass fishing. I was originally worried that it was going to be too big but it is a perfect size. Lastly, the adjustable handle is great. It allows me to be able to use one net for both my kayak and boat without any additional parts. If you are looking to maximize getting fish into the boat you owe it to yourself to check them out.