T-Reign Retractable Plie

Contributed Susie Magarity
I want you to stop and think to yourself, how many pairs of pliers have you lost in the water whether it be from your kayak or from the shore?  How many times have you gotten a pair of cheap pliers only for them to barely cut mono line?  I think I went through at least 6 pairs of pliers before I finally said enough already!  T-Reign retractable pliers have been one of my most essential items I use not only while kayak fishing, but also bank fishing and around the garage.  They are super lightweight, durable, rust proof, and can cut through braid like butter.  At first the price tag was a bit too much for me, but by the time I went through my last pair of cheap pliers I  had had enough and wanted ones to last me for along time. These things have lasted me for 2 seasons now and hardly show any wear, tear or rust. The coolest feature of these pliers is the retractable line with a carabiner clip.  Clip em on to just about anything and never worry about losing them again.  They are also just the right length where you can still pull out a swallowed hook. So if you’re tired of cheap pliers or always losing them, then make to smart buy and a get a pair or T-Reigns today.  You won’t regret it!