The Senko

The Senko by Shaun Wood

The Senko worm. This bait has by far caught the most and biggest bass for me time and time again. It truly is a “do-nothing” bait as it does all of the work for you. 9 times out 10 the fish are gonna hit this thing as it’s falling. Simply just cast it out, let it sink, twitch, let it sink again…repeat.​

The most popular ways of rigging are weightless and wacky-style. But make no mistake about it, these things catch fish no matter how you rig them. I’ve also had success by using these on a shaky head and drop shot. The senko is my “go-to” bait when fishing is tough and the fish won’t bite.

The downfall of this bait is the price and durability. If you are lucky you can catch multiple fish on the same worm, but this rarely happens. For me, the size and numbers of fish caught far outweigh the price and durability of these things. And for that….you will rarely ever see me on the water without one of these rigged to one of my poles.